Work Study Positions

Fall 2017 Positions

*Contact information for supervisors can be found on UMW's online directory.

Art-Visual See Eva Mastandrea (1 Federal)
Conference Services See Kathy Simkins (1 State)
Equine Studies See Olie (Iola) Else (1 Federal)
Facilities Services (Carpenter) See Joe Chipponeri (1 State)
Facilities Services (Clerical) See Rebecca Harrington (1 Federal)
Facilities Services (Custodial) See Joe Chipponeri (1 Federal and 3 State)
Fine Arts (Tutor) (Studio Monitor) (Technical Assistant) (Studio Technician) See Michael Hengler (4 Federal)
Library See Diane Conover (1 State)
Printing & Graphics Please talk to Verna Hand in person (1 Federal)
Registrar/Institutional Research Office See Charity Walters (1 State)
Registrar's Office See Charity Walters or Alecia McDougal (1 Federal)
Residence Life Maintenance See Neil Snyder (1 Federal and 2 State)
Southwest Montana Arts Council See Estee Aiken (1 State) 

Summer Positions
Admissions (1 Federal)
Campus Community Garden (1 Full Time or 2 Part-time, Federal)
Campus Services, Mail Room (1 Federal)
Conference Services (1 Federal and 1 State)
Facilities Services - Custodial (13 Federal and 1 State)
Facilities Services - Grounds (4 Federal)
Facilities Services - Motor Pool (2 Federal)
BARC - PE Complex (4 Federal)
Registrar & Institutional Research (1 Federal)
Residence Life - Bulldog Card/Office/Maintenance (8 Federal, 1 State)
Visual Arts (1 Federal)